Spring in California


San Luis Obispo County has many natural wonders. Flowers are in bloom, animals are frolicking, and birds are flying. We went from Yosemite to Mammoth, to San Simeon to see the Elephant Seals. My Nikon as usual, was with me every step of the way.

Deer in Yosemite Valley
Mule Deer in Yosemite Valley
otter in wave
Sea Otter Playing in Wave

This little sea otter was eating in Shell Beach, near the Cliffs Resort.

Hummingbird in California

Hummingbird on Avila Ridge


Australian Shepherd Cali
bee on purple flower in california
Bee on Purple Flower
Elephant Seal
Male Elephant Seal

baby elephant seal

3 Female Elephant Seals
3 Female Elephant Seals


The sunsets in California are absolutely beautiful right now. The below one is by far my favorite. The sunset is looking towards Avila Beach, CA.

sunset purple pink and blue in Shell Beach
Sunset with palm trees


Sunset in Shell Beach
Sunset in Shell Beach


Half Dome Spring Sunset in Yosemite


sun setting over avila beach
Huge Sunset Over Avila Beach


The Eastern Sierras are absolutely beautiful. If you travel up the 395, you will go through Lone Pine, Big Pine, and eventually you will get to Mammoth, one of the most beautiful snowboarding resorts in California. From the top of Mammoth Mountain, you can actually see Yosemite.

Big Pine Picnic


Shannon Wolf Montague in Mammoth
Me and Stephen Montague at the top of Mammoth


Brother Shane In Mammoth


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