Kelly, thank you for including us in your celebration! I think I can speak for everyone in saying that you are well loved and a great friend that is always there for all of us. It was great to be able to celebrate with you!


Our trip to Greece for my best friend’s wedding started with a day in Athens. Greece was part of my first trip to Europe when I was 16 – which definitely shaped my life’s direction.   I got my first job when I was 15 in fast food to help pay for it.

Acropolis view at Night
Acropolis View at Night from La Strada Hotel Bar


Our Hotel was La Strada which was a great location and walking distance from The Acropolis. The hotel bar and restaurant is on the roof, with absolutely fantastic views, especially at night. I don’t like to generalize about people from a whole country, but I’m going to anyway. The Greek people were great. Everyone we came across were warm, friendly, and helpful.

The Acropolis

The Acropolis in Athens is an ancient citadel located at on the top of a mountain within the city. It is known for its architectural and historical significance. The most famous building in the Acropolis is the Parthenon. Construction started in 447 BCE and completed in 432 BCE. It was constructed in Greek Classical style, which was the major influence on Western architecture, including ancient Roman architecture and the Renaissance. If going to the Acropolis, I recommend going early so you miss the crowds!

The Caryatid Porch as part of the Erechtheion as part of the Acropolis.
Likely the most famous caryatid (a sculpted female figure used as architectural support instead of a column) is part of the Acropolis. The Erechtheion is a temple dedicated to both Athena and Poseidon.
Front view of Erechtheion Temple
Erechtheion Temple in Pantheon
The Parthenon in the Acropolis in Athens Greece.
The Parthenon is Greek Classical style.
Montagues at Parthenon
Shannon and Stephen at Parthenon


After our day in Athens, we took the ‘party bus’ organized by the bride to the wedding extravaganza in Nafplio, Greece. While Nafplio did exist in classical antiquity, its main historical significance was during the 16th-17th centuries when the city was part of the Venetian rule, then part of the Ottoman Empire. Nafplio was then taken back by the Venetians in 1685 and the consequently built the Castle of Palamidi. The Palamidi can be viewed from any part of the city, and can also be climbed via the 999 steps to the top. It is a Baroque style fortress and was completed in 1714.


The climb to the top is roughly 1000 steps. We did it around 2PM, which is about the hottest part of the day, so I recommend going in the morning. Either way, there are fabulous views, and it’s definitely worth it.

View of Paladini castle from the bottom
Paladini castle in Napflio, Greece
Half way up the Palamidi stairs.
Half way up the Palamidi stairs.
View of Nafplio and Mediterranean Ocean
View from the top looking over Mediterranean

City Center

The city of Napflio is charming. Our wedding party had the whole hotel to our selves as well, which was great. The hotel, the Grand Sarai was tucked away in the old town and had a great boutique feel to it.

View of Grand Sarai Hotel in Nafplio, Greece
Pink building on the left is the Grand Sarai.
Napflio Square
Plateia Syntagmatos (Constitution Square)
View of Old Town Nafplio
Old Town Nafplio


Kelly and Simon are a fantastic couple that truly care about their family and friends. I was honored to be a part of the celebration, and I’m sure that everyone else felt the same! I’m lucky to be able to call Kelly one of my oldest and best friends.

Me, Kelly, and Simon at the beautiful venue of Triton II
Me, Kelly, and Simon at the beautiful venue of Triton II
Kelly and Simon
Kelly and Simon
Shannon and Stephen Montague Greek Wedding 2016
Cheers to Kelly and Simon on their wedding day of June 1st, 2016!

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