Belfast, Northern Ireland City Hall Dome with Green Leaves


I lived in Belfast for almost 3 years, but it was before I got interested in photography. Well, today that changed! On my way to my best friend Kelly Swanson’s wedding in Greece, I managed to fit in a trip to Belfast. Most importantly, I was able to connect with great friends.

City Hall

Belfast City Hall is one of the most beautiful buildings in Belfast. Building started on the city hall in 1898, and was completed in 1906. The city hall is lit up for significant dates, such as green for St. Patrick’s Day, or red for May Day. The Belfast city hall has a great lawn out front, and during the week you can often see people eating lunch relaxing. There is also a continental market that comes twice a year- once in December, and again in May. In the last few years the hall has also been the cause of scandal as the union jack (the national flag of Great Britain) is now only flown at designated times of year, sparking protests from loyalists.

Belfast, Northern Ireland City Hall Dome with Green Leaves
Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall front half of bulding

There is a monument in front of Queen Vitoria, who officially gave Belfast city status in 1888.

Buildings in Belfast

Scotish Provident 2
Scottish Provident Building
Robinsons and Crown Bar in Belfast
Robinsons and the Crown Bar

The Crown Bar is one of Belfast’s oldest bars that is still functional. It was opened in 1885.

Crown Bar Belfast

Belfast Opera House

Sandy Row

This picture was striking to me. A DeLorean (which was a Northern Irish company) pulled up while I was waiting to cross the street near Sandy Row. In the background, you can see a mural dedicated to William of Orange and The Battle of the Boyne in 1690. One was a fictional way to get to the past to affect and change the future, while the other is an event in the past that continues to shape and affect future over 300 years later. William’s army defeated King James’s to set the Course of British and Irish history.

Delorian Sandy Row

Mural of William Prince of Orange in Belfast
William Prince of Orange Mural in Sandy Row, Belfast.

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