Central Coast

Surfing in Shell Beach

More surf and hiking! The sun came out for photography in San Luis Obispo. The surf was up, and the hills are green. San Luis Obispo has a beautiful countryside and waves, and every weekend I feel like I’m on vacation. Living back on the Central Coast of California has brought the photographer out of me.

Green 1
Surfing in Shell Beach
Shredding Shell
Shredding in Shell Beach, CA
Sister in Shell Beach, CA

Poly Canyon

More Birds of Prey in Poly Canyon. This time a Red Tailed Hawk swooping down on us.

Red tail Hawk 1
Red Tailed Hawk in Poly Canyon
Peak Sunset
Poly Canyon Sunset
Brother Shane Getting Sunset
Old Car
Crashed Car in Poly Canyon
Morro Rock
Morro Rock View from See Canyon

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