Surf, Hike, Birds, and Puppy


Family, friends, and holidays!  We had lots of time to hike.  We went to Poly Canyon, where Dixie, my brother’s Vizsla puppy had her longest hike yet!

Deneen Dixie
Deneen with Dixie
Dixie View
Dixie, the Vizsla Puppy

We saw some very cool birds too, including a Western Blue Bird.

Bird Blue
Western Blue Bird

I love birds of prey, and I was lucky enough to capture a Red Tailed Hawk.

Red Tail Hawk
Red Tailed Hawk


The weekend was also filled with surfers catching some great waves. There were some dolphins that stopped by too.

Surfers with a few dolphins behind them


Left and Right in Shell Beach
DSC_0274 (1)
Surfer Watching Dolphins in Shell Beach

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