Poly Canyon

Poly Canyon has a labyrinth of trails, the longest one a 9 mile trek that loops around the back of San Luis Obispo and finished back on Cal Poly’s campus. An amazing amount of bird life is also visible. ┬áToday we saw a Red Shouldered Hawk that I was able to hike close to. Now that the hills have turned green the views are even┬ámore amazing.

Red Shouldered Hawk
Red Shouldered Hawk

Cali Running Mud

Cali, our Australian Shepherd had a ball today too. She loves that mud!

Poly Canyon Green Hills

We also did some hiking in Shell Beach and brought our little Shih Tzu Pig. As she is a dog from Ireland, she gets hot easily so she only gets out on cool days. I couldn’t resist placing her in an old oak tree for a little photo op.Pig Tree 2

Pig in Tree


It is possible to see Morro Rock from the top as well.

Green Tree

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