Wildlife, Surf, and Hike

Surfers and Dolphins

Pismo Beach Surfers and Shell Beach surfers. Dolphins checked in too!

Dolphin Drop.jpg

Surfer Paddling with Pod of Dolphins

Surfer 2

I have so much respect for these surfers! It was great watching their surf sessions in Pismo Beach and Shell Beach.


This weekend I saw some serious green growth and birds of prey in Poly Canyon. My favorite was being lucky enough to see a Golden Eagle.  I heard that they are very rare in San Luis Obispo County, but after we decided to take the long way back and we were rewarded! I’ve never seen a Golden Eagle, and I feel very lucky to not only have seen one, but to have captured one on my Nikon!

Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle San Luis Obispo
Bluebird barbed wire
Blue Bird on Barbed Wire
Secret Hiking Trail
Bird Sandcrab
Curlew Eating a Sand Crab in Pismo Beach
Plover in Pismo Beach
Cali Leaves
Cali the Australian Shepherd Investigating Leaves

Australian Shepherds are great dogs!

Clare and Annie
Annie the Aussie in Shell Beach with Clare

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